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CPT series

Cellpower CPT series

Cyclic AGM Traction battery series (1200 cycles)

Cellpower has the CPT series specifically for cyclic applications that use larger semi-traction batteries, such as cleaning machines or elevated work platforms. These heavy-duty batteries have been developed for heavy-duty cyclic applications where they are discharged on a regular basis.

Like the other Cellpower battery series, the CPT batteries are completely closed and do not require maintenance. The housing has been designed to make it more convenient to fit the batteries into an application; they can be fitted from the top. The sturdy and vibration-resistant construction ensures that CPT batteries can take a knock, making them extremely suitable for mobile applications.

Cellpower offers 6 Volt models and one 12 Volt model for the CPT, offering users more options when choosing their battery pack.

Cellpower CPT batter series:

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