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CPXC series

Cellpower CPXC series

Cyclic Lead-Carbon battery series (3500 cycles)

The Cellpower CPXC series is the latest innovation in cyclic battery technology. These batteries contain Lead-Carbon, giving them a number of advantages over ‘regular’ cyclic AGM Lead-Acid batteries.

Thanks to the addition of advanced Lead-Carbon, the capacity will decrease less over time during use. As a result, Cellpower CPXC batteries are able to handle up to 4 times more cycles than regular cyclic AGM Lead-Acid batteries. In addition, thanks to the Lead-Carbon composition, CPXC batteries are better able to hold their charge and can be charged much faster than AGM Lead-Acid batteries.

Another advantage of CPXC batteries is that they perform better at very high or very low temperatures compared to AGM Lead-Acid batteries.

Cellpower CPXC battery series:

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