Optima batteries

Optima batteries

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Optima battery - Redtop, Yellowtop and Bluetop batteries

Optima high-performance AGM batteries aren’t like any other lead-acid batteries in the world. Our exclusive SPIRALCELL Technology design is among the most advanced commercially available lead-acid battery technologies out there. It delivers an incredibly strong and clean power source that can’t be touched by today’s lead-acid batteries. With Optima batteries, you can count on longer-lasting battery life under both starting and deep-cycle applications. Oh, and did we mention our batteries are vibration-resistant, spillproof and built to last? So. Go ahead. Check out our batteries and find out which color top fits best under your hood. 

Optima RedTop AGM batteries

Optima Redtop battery with Spiral Cell Technology ensures optimal starting power. The Optima power has a cleaner and higher voltage output than conventional batteries. AGM batteries of the Optima Red Top battery series are built to withstand the extreme conditions in trucks, MPV's and 4x4's both on- & off-road. The life expectancy of Optima Red Top is twice as long as normal lead acid batteries, ideal for seasonal use. Even after 12 months storage at room temperature (or below) a fully charged battery can still start a vehicle. Redtop batteries are maintenance free, so there is no acid spill. Batteries can be mounted in virtually any position. They also have a 15 times more vibration resistance than other lead-acid batteries.

Optima YellowTop AGM batteries

An Optima Yellow Top AGM battery is a very high quality product. This battery provides a guaranteed uninterrupted power throughout the complete discharge cycle, regardless of the circumstances. The performance is only marginally affected by external influences such as moisture, temperature (hot or cold), dirt, excessive vibration or regular discharges. An OPTIMA battery delivers more power than ordinary lead-acid batteries. Thanks to it’s unique Optima Spiral Cell Technology advantages of a starter battery and those of a traction battery are combined in one block. The Optima Yellow Top battery series also provides more charge – discharge cycles than normal maintenance-free lead batteries. Finally, the battery is very well suited for all seasons thanks to the low self-discharge.

Optima BlueTop AGM batteries

The Optima BlueTop batteries are spill free, they can be installed everywhere and in almost any position in a boat or camper. Out of season boat batteries will be stored for many consecutive months of quiet, with power loss as a result. However, the self-discharge of AGM batteries from the Optima Blue Top battery series is so low that the battery can be stored up to a year  stored at room temperature or below. Due to it’s low internal resistance, they can charge faster, so you get back on the water in no time.