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Optima batteries are known as compact batteries with a large capacity. This type of battery is equipped with the Spiralcell AGM technology (rolled lead), resulting in a considerably longer lifespan than conventional batteries. Next to that, they are highly vibration-resistant, which makes them ideal for use in vehicles. Because Optima batteries are built in a completely closed container, they are very safe and acid release can not occur. Read on to learn more about the three types of Optima batteries that are available.

Optima Red Top AGM battery

The Optima Red Top battery with Spiralcell Technology guarantees maximum cranking power. It delivers purer power and higher output voltage than conventional batteries. Optima Red Top batteries are built to withstand usage in trucks, MPVs and 4x4s, both on the road and in off-road conditions. Next to their incredible toughness, they have almost twice the lifespan of normal lead-acid batteries. It’s Ideal for seasonal use; a fully charged battery can start a car immediately even after 12 months of standstill at room temperature (or lower). Red Top batteries are maintenance-free, do not leak and can be mounted in nearly any position. On top of that, they have 15 times more vibration resistance than other lead-acid batteries.

Optima Yellow Top AGM battery

The Optima Yellow Top is a high quality AGM battery. It provides uninterrupted power throughout the full discharge cycle, regardless of conditions such as moisture, heat, dirt, excessive vibration or regular discharge. Optima Yellow Top batteries provide more energy than ordinary lead-acid batteries. The battery is also unique because of its Optima Spiralcell Technology, which combines the advantages of a starter battery with those of a traction battery. Additionally, the Optima Yellow Top provides more charge and discharge cycles than other maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. And last but not least, the battery is well suited for seasonal use due to its minimal self-discharge.

Optima Blue Top AGM battery

Optima Blue Top batteries are leak-proof, which means they can be installed anywhere and in almost any position in your boat or motorhome. Out of season, batteries for boats often lie idle for months in a row, resulting in a loss of power. The self-discharge of the Optima BlueTop battery however, is so low that the battery can be stored at room temperature or lower for up to a year. The low internal resistance means they can be charged quickly, so you can get back on the water faster.

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