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Optima Red Top

Optima Red Top starter batteries

The Optima Red Top battery is a powerful battery for starting applications. It can be used in trucks, MPVs and 4x4s, both on and off the road. It is also suited for agricultural machines, which are often used in a particular time of the year. Even when the battery is left in a tractor or harvester during winter, the Red Top will start the machines effortlessly in spring. The key to its extraordinary starting power is Optima’s AGM Spiralcell battery technology. The heart of this technology is a series of individual spiral-wound cells composed of two pure lead plates coated in a precise coating of lead oxide. This breakthrough in battery design delivers more power and outperforms conventional flat-plate batteries. As a result, a battery the size of a normal car battery is powerful enough to start heavy diesel engines. A Red Top battery can be easily installed anywhere and is extremely insensitive to vibrations and shocks. The stable, leak-proof construction can also handle extreme conditions without interruption of the power supply. And finally, the high cold-start current makes this AGM battery ideal for starting vehicles.

Advantages of Optima Red Top batteries

Red Top batteries almost have double the lifespan of other lead-acid batteries of the same capacity. The current output during the first 1, 3, 5, and 10 seconds of starting is much higher than comparable lead-acid batteries. Thanks to its constant performance, the battery continues to operate at the same level, even when it is discharged. Optima Red Top batteries are ideal for seasonal use; a fully charged battery can immediately start a car even after 12 months of standstill. They have 15 times higher vibration resistance than other lead-acid batteries, making them ideal for extreme applications. Optima Red Top batteries are leak-proof and can be installed in nearly any position.

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