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Optima Yellow Top

Optima Yellow Top deep cycle batteries

An AGM battery from the Optima Yellow Top series is a battery that you install and don’t have to worry about anymore. Regardless of any condition – moist, heat, dirt, excessive vibration, regular discharge – it’s guaranteed to deliver uninterrupted power throughout the full discharge cycle. Under load, Optima Yellow Top batteries maintain a relatively high voltage. As a result, they deliver more energy than conventional batteries. The secret behind this is Optima’s AGM Spiralcell battery technology that combines the advantages of a starter battery with those of a semi-traction battery. The Optima Yellow Top provides significantly more charge and discharge cycles than conventional lead-acid batteries. In addition, Yellow Top batteries are particularly fitted for seasonal use thanks to their low self-discharge.

Advantages of Optima Yellow Top batteries

Yellow Top batteries are available as starter and accessory batteries. AGM batteries from the Yellow Top series have a lifespan that is twice as long and charge faster. Yellow Top batteries from Optima deliver a high cold cranking current, making them ideal for starting applications. Yellow Top batteries are known for their high energy density, thanks to the AGM Spiralcell battery technology. They are also 15 times more resistant to vibration than standard lead-acid batteries. Optima Yellow Top batteries are highly practical, because of their low weight and compact size. This means they can be installed in almost any position. 

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