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PBQ Battery products

PBQ is a brand with a strong focus on quality. All PBQ lead acid battery products are manufactured in ISO certified environments, under a very strict MIL-STD 105B incoming goods inspection. Working according to all regulations and with strict quality control, PBQ produces highly reliable products. OEM and end users experience fewer problems and great cost reductions by installing PBQ batteries.

PBQ VRLA batteries and Lithium batteries

Intercel offers a wide range of PBQ battery products. The VRLA battery range includes special VdS certified batteries, Cyclic batteries, High Rate batteries, Single Cell batteries and Front Access batteries. Through Intercel, PBQ can also supply custom solutions for your application. Apart from a wide range of VRLA batteries, PBQ also supplies Lithium batteries. Small primary lithium batteries are offered in various chemical compositions: Li-SOCl2, Li-MnO2 and Li-SO2. Our R&D department has recently added a new line of PBQ Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries to the product range: The PBQ LiFePO4 battery series.

PBQ services

PBQ values its distributors and makes sure they get regular training and updates. Thanks to this programme and our extensive knowledge of energy technology, we at Intercel can provide OEM partners and end users like you with all the relevant information about PBQ products.

PBQ General Series Batteries for stationary and cyclical use

PBQ’s General Purpose AGM batteries are widely applicable and offer an excellent price/quality ratio. The PBQ General Purpose battery series is suitable for both stationary and cyclic applications. Think of applications like UPS systems, measuring equipment, toys and tools.

PBQ High Rate Batteries for UPS systems

PBQ’s High Rate batteries are ideal for applications that require high starting currents. They are a perfect choice for reliable Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), which deliver uninterrupted power to your critical infrastructure. PBQ High Rate batteries are a great solution for both larger and smaller UPS systems. 

PBQ Long Life Batteries

PBQ Long Life series batteries have a long lifespan and guarantee a highly reliable emergency power supply. PBQ Long Life batteries can be used for various applications where an extra long service life is critical.

PBQ Gel Batteries

PBQ Gel series batteries have a long service life and deliver an extremely reliable emergency power supply. PBQ Gel batteries can be applied in a wide range of applications where a long service life and high reliability are critical.

PBQ Front Access Batteries

PBQ Front Access batteries are specially engineered for use in Telecom applications. The batteries have a narrow shape and a pole connection in the front. Batteries from the PBQ Front Access series can be installed in 19 and 23 inch cabinets.

PBQ Single Cell Batteries

For more extensive battery systems, PBQ supplies 2V single cells with a high capacity. AGM batteries from the PBQ Single cell series have a compact and robust housing and are easy to install. These 2V batteries are often installed in series connection.

PBQ Cyclic Batteries

PBQ Lithium LiFePo4 Batteries

Looking for other PBQ products? Have a look at our PBQ battery chargers.

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