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Gel series

PBQ 60-12 GEL | Intercel

pbq Gel series

AGM Gel battery series for cyclic use (600-800 cycles)

The batteries from the pbq Gel series contain a gel-like substance between the lead plates, instead of liquid as is the case with the other AGM battery series. Thanks to this different chemical composition, pbq Gel batteries are more resistant to deep discharges, are able to handle more cycles and are better resistant to high temperatures. All of this without making any compromises in the ease of use, as these batteries are completely maintenance- and leak-free.

Thanks to the chemical composition, pbq Gel batteries are not only more resistant to extreme temperatures and deep discharges, but are also better able to handle vibrations and shocks. As a result, these batteries are an excellent choice for (mobile) applications that need to be able to operate in challenging conditions for a longer period of time. These benefits also affect normal use, as Gel batteries can achieve up to 20% more cycles than AGM batteries using liquid acid.

PBQ Gel Batteries:

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