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High Rate series

pbq High Rate series

AGM batteries for applications that require more power (3-5 years)

Pbq High Rate AGM batteries are ideal for applications that require high (start) currents. The main advantage of a High Rate battery over a battery from the General Purpose range, is that these are able to deliver more power within a shorter time from a similar battery casing, without sacrificing battery service life. Pbq High Rate batteriesĀ  have, just like batteries from the General Purpose series, a EUROBAT design life of 3 – 5 years.

In order to be able to deliver high currents in a short period of time, pbq High Rate batteries contain additional lead plates in the same housing. As a result, pbq High Rate batteries have a higher energy density and are therefore able to provide reliable emergency power. Compared to AGM batteries from the General Purpose battery series, High Rate batteries are on average able to deliver up to 30% more power from the same housing.

PBQ High Rate Batteries:

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