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Single Cell series

pbq Single Cell series

Single Cell 2V monoblocks with extra long service life (up to 20 years)

Pbq Single Cell 2 Volt batteries are known as so-called monoblocks. This battery series allows for a relatively compact, but high capacity battery system. The technical characteristics of this series, combined with the physical dimensions of the battery casings, provide a high degree of flexibility. Because the battery terminals are mounted on top of the batteries, installation and maintenance can be carried out very easily.

Pbq Single cell batteries have, under normal conditions, a design life of more than 20 years, making them very suitable for use in critical (emergency)power systems or systems that are required to function autonomously for longer periods of time. Thanks to the AGM technology, the batteries themselves are completely maintenance- and leak free. An energy system using pbq Single Cell batteries is therefore able to function reliably for a long time.

PBQ Single Cell Batteries:

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