pbq Single Cell series

pbq Single Cell series

ProductVOLTAGECapacitySort page by dimensionsDimensions (LxWxH)
pbq SC 100-22V100Ah171x72x206/211mm (lxwxh)
pbq SC 200-22V200Ah173x111x341/364mm (lxwxh)
pbq SC 300-22V300Ah171x151x342/364mm (lxwxh)
pbq SC 400-22V400Ah211x176x329/341mm (lxwxh)
pbq SC 500-22V500Ah241x173x330/365mm (lxwxh)
pbq SC 600-22V600Ah302x175x331/343mm (lxwxh)
pbq SC 800-22V800Ah410x175x330/342mm (lxwxh)
pbq SC 1000-22V1000Ah475x175x330/340mm (lxwxh)
pbq SC 1500-22V1500Ah400x350x345/382mm (lxwxh)
pbq SC 2000-22V2000Ah490x350x345/382mm (lxwxh)
pbq SC 3000-22V3000Ah710x350x345/382mm (lxwxh)
  • pbq SC 100-2

    pbq SC 100-2

    • pbq
    • 2V 100Ah
    • 171x72x206/211mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq SC 200-2

    pbq SC 200-2

    • pbq
    • 2V 200Ah
    • 173x111x341/364mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq SC 300-2

    pbq SC 300-2

    • pbq
    • 2V 300Ah
    • 171x151x342/364mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq SC 400-2

    pbq SC 400-2

    • pbq
    • 2V 400Ah
    • 211x176x329/341mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq SC 500-2

    pbq SC 500-2

    • pbq
    • 2V 500Ah
    • 241x173x330/365mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq SC 600-2

    pbq SC 600-2

    • pbq
    • 2V 600Ah
    • 302x175x331/343mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq SC 800-2

    pbq SC 800-2

    • pbq
    • 2V 800Ah
    • 410x175x330/342mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq SC 1000-2

    pbq SC 1000-2

    • pbq
    • 2V 1000Ah
    • 475x175x330/340mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq SC 1500-2

    pbq SC 1500-2

    • pbq
    • 2V 1500Ah
    • 400x350x345/382mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq SC 2000-2

    pbq SC 2000-2

    • pbq
    • 2V 2000Ah
    • 490x350x345/382mm (lxwxh)
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  • pbq SC 3000-2

    pbq SC 3000-2

    • pbq
    • 2V 3000Ah
    • 710x350x345/382mm (lxwxh)
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pbq Single Cell batteries

Specifically for the more extensive battery systems pbq delivers 2V single cell batteries with a high capacity. Single cell batteries have a rugged and compact design and are easy to install. These 2V batteries are often used in series connection. 

2V batteries for Solar systems

Especially for Solar systems the choice for a battery system of Single cells is recommended. These 2V batteries have a long service life, which is ideal for Solar solutions.