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Saft batteries for emergency lighting

The French brand Saft is the world leader in designing and manufacturing batteries for emergency lighting for industrial, mobile and military applications. Saft has been specializing in supplying battery packs for emergency lighting for over 40 years. Saft’s VT (high temperature) are specifically designed for emergency lighting and meet the highest quality and safety requirements.

Saft and Cellpower batteries for emergency lighting

Intercel has extensive experience in supplying batteries and battery packs for emergency lighting. Next to Saft batteries, we supply our own high quality Cellpower battery packs that are also equipped with high temperature cells. On our battery packs page you can find a Cellpower alternative for every Saft battery. In addition to batteries for emergency lighting, Intercel supplies Saft Lithium batteries.

Looking for Saft batteries?

No matter what kind of application you need it for, Intercel is glad to help you find the right Saft battery. Saft batteries are used for a wide range of applications. On our dedicated applications page, you can find the right battery for any application. Rather have personal advice? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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