Yuasa NPC series

Yuasa NPC series

ProductVOLTAGECapacitySort page by dimensionsDimensions (LxWxH)
Yuasa NPC 17 - 1212V17Ah181x76x167mm
Yuasa NPC 24 -1212V24Ah166x175x125mm
Yuasa NPC 38 - 1212V38Ah197x165x170mm
  • Yuasa NPC   17 - 12

    Yuasa NPC 17 - 12

    • YUASA
    • 12V 17Ah
    • 181x76x167mm
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  • Yuasa NPC   24  -12

    Yuasa NPC 24 -12

    • YUASA
    • 12V 24Ah
    • 166x175x125mm
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  • Yuasa NPC   38 - 12

    Yuasa NPC 38 - 12

    • YUASA
    • 12V 38Ah
    • 197x165x170mm
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Yuasa NPC battery series

The Yuasa NPC series is designed for cyclic applications. These batteries deliver up to twice the discharge / charge cycles as lead acid batteries for stand-by use. The NPC series includes 12V batteries from 17Ah to 38Ah at 20h discharge.

Battery Applications with NPC AGM batteries

NPC Yuasa Batteries are ideal for applications such as wheelchairs, golf carts, lawn mowers, toy cars, electric vehicles, robots, to name a few.