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If you ask your future colleagues, they will tell you that we are committed, inclusive and dynamic. These are Intercel’s core values. What exactly do we mean by this?


We are collegial. We have something in common. No matter how busy we are, we always go the extra mile for each other.


Everyone feels welcome at Intercel and everyone gets equal opportunities in the workplace. Regardless of your gender, origin, sexual orientation, age or ability to work.


Booming business. That causes us to experience tremendous growth, including growing pains. There are short lines of communication, you gain the confidence to try new things, we make mistakes (which is allowed) and you get the space to grow with us.


In addition to all that hard work, there is room to laugh, exercise together and conclude the working week with a drink. Speaking of which, we enjoy the best parties, the famous herring party and our annual ski trip!

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Edwin van Oosten

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