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Checklist for finding the right electrification partner

6 tips when searching for the right partner

Are you still looking for a supplier? These tips can help you make your selection.

Tip #1

Do a quick scan

First, think about where you are now. Carefully prepare and weigh the advantages against the disadvantages. What types of batteries are there, and which batteries do you need for your application? Apart from the battery, what else is needed to do your job well, in terms of integration with the motor and machine, working conditions and charging options?

Tip #2

Find a party that thinks along with you

You are often already aware of what the demands are. Now it’s a matter of meeting those demands. For example, how big is the available space in the machine, how big will the battery be, and what capacity is needed? What other things are important? Does your plan emphasise cost savings, or labour time savings? Beware of suppliers who put too little effort into taking stock of all your questions. A good supplier will act as a partner throughout the process, up to and including implementation.

Tip #3

Find a party that speaks the language of the technician

Make sure you find a party that designs and builds its own batteries, working closely with you. A party you have a click with and that employs enough technicians who know your devices well, but also have experience in devising entirely new, flexible solutions.

Tip #4

Create a prototype

The design phase is followed by the development of a prototype. With a good supplier, this phase goes quickly: to – in close cooperation – have a working prototype ready for testing. Including a test report for each battery. This is followed by fine-tuning and the battery can be put into production.

Tip #5

Consistency in quality

The prototype is 1 thing. Then make sure the partner can also ensure consistent quality of all batteries produced afterwards.

Tip #6


Make sure you choose a professional party that can handle scalability, in case you need to. A party that has ample stock, for example, and enough staff. So that deliveries can be made immediately when needed.

What can Intercel do for you if you want to start electrification?

Intercel provides battery solutions in every imaginable field. With 35 years of experience, we can rightly call ourselves experts. Based in Haarlem, over 75 experts work every day to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date. Intercel invests in personnel, worksplace and inventory. As a result, customers are always served on time, however big the question is. We have an extremely large inventory, we import cells of our own brand, specially produced for us, therefor we are not dependent on supplies. We create designs for electrification in-house, working closely with the customer. Every nook and cranny of the engine is utilised.

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