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    Waarderveldweg 3, 2031 BK Haarlem
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    ma t/m vr 8:30 AM- 05:00 PM
    Postal address:
    Postbus 990, 2003 RZ Haarlem, Netherlands
    +31 23 514 99 00
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    NL 0099.51.155.B01
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    Intercel Energy Solutions B.V.

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    NL 8161.62.761.B01
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The specialists of Intercel

Intercel's ambition is that Intercel will surprise the customer - every time - by always going one step further. It is with good reason that 'Involved' is one of our USPs. We can add most value by understanding the customer!

  • Arnold Schrijver

    Arnold has worked for Intercel for some time now and still enjoys his five-minute commute on the bike. His son likes it too. Variety is what he enjoys most about this job. Every phone call produces something new and for Arnold it is only normal to deal with every request in the best possible way.

    Arnold Schrijver

  • Edwin van Oosten

    Great fun, because it is completely different - is the way Edwin summaries his work at Intercel. Since the end of 2015 he has been responsible for customers abroad in German-speaking areas and the former Eastern Block. Doing business with foreign companies is easy-going; you need to find your way a little, you have more understanding for each other.

    Edwin van Oosten

    Sales Export
  • Erwin de Marie

    In the office Erwin is pretty much the spider in the web of Intercel. He makes sure that all the incoming enquiries are processed in the best possible way. At the end of the day he drives back home to Hoofddorp where he lives with his wife and their two teenagers. Erwin describes himself as an active and result-led person who likes everything.

    Erwin de Marie

    Sales Solutions
  • Erik van den Thillart

    Every customer from abroad who calls Intercel will speak to Erik. He has worked for Intercel for ten years and also supports the distributors. Erik enjoys his work because he can use his talents and everyday he feels challenged to do his absolute best.

    Erik van den Thillart

    Sales Export
  • Tom Thomson

    Tom has been working as Export Sales Manager since the beginning of 2016. He describes his job as 'fun and very diverse'. As Export Manager, Tom is responsible for all global regions with the exception of eastern Europe and German speaking countries. The large diversity in clients and cultures makes that every day brings new challenges.

    Tom Thomson

    Sales Export
  • Vincent Kleintjens

    A young gun who was headhunted, give or take, by Rob Spigt, the founder of Intercel. Vincent had a commercial talent, said Rob. He was right, because they started with just four employees and together they turned Intercel into a flourishing company that already has 38 employees and is still growing.

    Vincent Kleintjens

  • Patrick Roos

    Patrick is always en route to a customer. One day that may be a company that works with mobility scooters and wheelchairs, the next he may well spend with battery wholesalers. That is precisely what appeals to Patrick - the variety in his work. Over the years he has worked for Intercel he has grown along with the company.

    Patrick Roos

    Account Manager
  • Robin Been

    Robin is one of the youngest within Intercel. He prepares quotations, makes follow-up calls, approaches prospects and monitors the processes. What he likes best about his work is getting new customers, he likes major orders best and prefers orders from customers that were considered impossible by other suppliers.

    Robin Been

  • Robert Hindriks

    Robert is the timetable of Intercel. He manages the mechanics that work on the various sites. Commercially he knows a thing or two and has a range of customers contacts. He has worked for Intercel for more than ten years, but not one day has been the same. You could say that Robert likes change.

    Robert Hindriks

    Project Manager
  • Eric van Roode

    Every day Eric arrives from Alkmaar on his motor bike and provides our customers with technical advice, processes orders and prepares quotations. Previously he worked for a well-known energy supplier where he supervised maintenance in power stations. He enjoys the short lines of communication in Intercel.

    Eric van Roode

    Sales Engineer