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All-in-one solutions

  • Optimal use of the available space
  • No imbalance between modules
  • Faster charging, deeper discharging
  • Much shorter installation time, battery arrives ready to use
  • Guaranteed quality thanks to production processes according to ISO 9001
  • Direct contact with the producer with a lot of knowledge at our disposal
  • Use of high-end quality electronic components from the EU and US

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Customer cases

Some examples of applications for which Intercel has provided custom-made batteries


Seamless conversion from diesel to electric. The nitrogen crisis and sustainability mission demand a powerful and clean solution. For this, Intercel has already provided tailor-made...

Hydraulic platforms

Compact and smart weight distribution With the conversion from diesel to electric for hydraulic platforms, primarily the dimensions of the battery are very important....

Hybrid Generator

The rapid charge option is needed for battery systems which are placed with a diesel generator, to subsequently be...

Electric Shovel

Possibility to charge at a public charging station Many current electric shovels make use of systems on the basis of multiple battery modules. This has the disadvantage...

Energy Storage System

High energy density, efficient energy storage An increasingly large share of our power supply is generated in a sustainable way. Intercel has already supplied various...

Cleaning machines

Tidy street, cleaner air Intercel has equipped various cleaning machines with a Lithium custom-made package, making smelly diesel in built-up areas a thing...

Light EV

More range, less emissions Intercel has provided tailor-made work for the electrification of various vehicles. From harvesting machines to electric wagons. More compact,...

Heavy construction machinery

Built for the toughest jobs At the construction site, the focus is also on the energy transition. No concessions need to be made in...

Internal transport & AGV

Tailor-made batteries from Intercel are suitable for rapid boost charges and offer a larger action radius. In this way...

Technical benefits of custom-made batteries

  • Options in LiFePO4, LTO and NMC solutions
  • Charging and discharging to 10C, discharging to 95% DoD
  • Extremely high lifecycle up to 30,000, charging below freezing point
  • Special dimensions, high energy density
  • Communication: RS232, CAN bus, Modbus, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc
  • Made in Holland, engineering and assembly in Haarlem
  • Systems from 3.2 to 1000V power to 500Wh to 1MWh
Custom dimensions, high energy density

Intercel, the professional choice for custom-made battery packs

Are you looking for smart solutions for the energy transition and/or nitrogen legislation? Intercel can develop every desired form of energy storage for you. Our technicians always listen to your wishes and work closely with you to design the ideal battery pack for your application.

Our international logistics network allows us to offer rapid delivery throughout Europe. Intercel is able to produce all types of tailor-made batteries. We are specialised in tailor-made batteries with both NMC, LifePO and LTO solutions.

More than 30 years of experience

Intercel has the capacity to design custom-made solutions for each possible application. With an in-house engineering department and more than 30 years of experience within the battery industry, no challenge is too great. Producing a custom-made battery is a fixed component of the business operation of Intercel.

Would you like to discuss a specific design with our battery specialists, or do you have questions about our products and services? Please do not hesitate to contact our team. Our Intercel specialists will be delighted to assist you further.

Extensive after-sales and support

The expertise of Intercel does not stop after building and delivering a custom-made battery.

Each custom-made battery that we deliver comes with an individual test- and quality report and has been sealed with a warranty seal. To ensure that you can rely on your customised battery for a long time to come, our specialists offer extensive after-sales and support. After all, with a professional custom battery, you should expect professional custom service.

Interested in a custom-made battery?

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