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Sometimes there is no standard solution for your energy issue. In such cases, our own engineering department can create a suitable solution. In fact, these kinds of challenges give us energy! 
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From drawing board to realisation

If you come to Intercel with an energy question, our engineers always start with a good conversation. We listen to your wishes to determine which requirements your ideal solution should meet. Then we go to the drawing board. During the design, we can rely on many years of experience and vast expertise. As soon as our solution has been approved by you, we start to realise it in our own workshop. The solution is precisely assembled with high-quality electronics from the EU and US and produced according to the ISO 9001 standard. The customised battery is then extensively tested. 

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Advantages custom battery

  • Optimal use of the available space
  • No imbalance between the modules
  • Charge faster, discharge deeper
  • Much shorter installation time for you, battery arrives ready to use
  • Direct contact with the producer, a lot of expertise available
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Technical options

  • Options in LiFePO4, LTO and NMC solutions
  • Charge and discharge to 10C, discharge to 95% DoD
  • Extremely high lifecycle of up to 30,000, charging below-freezing point
  • Special dimensions, high energy density
  • Communication: RS232, CAN bus, MOD bus, WiFi, Bluetooth etc
  • Made in Holland, engineering and assembly in Haarlem
  • Systems from 3.2 to 1000V powers from 500Wh to 1MWh

Extensive after-sales and support

Intercel’s service does not end with building and supplying a custom-made battery. Each battery we deliver comes with an individual test and quality report. Then it will be sealed for warranty. To ensure you can rely on your battery pack for a long time, our specialists offer extensive after-sales support. Thus, with a professionally customised battery, you can also expect professional customised service!

Our service and reliability are appreciated, which is evidenced by the fact that we have been a preferred supplier to many leading European manufacturers for 35 years. Besides that, we are a healthy and growing company. This enables us to invest in expert personnel, an even more complete stock and a new, state-of-the-art facility.

Alexis Huteau | Intercel

Ready for the future

With our electrification and energy storage solutions, you are ready for the future. This is how we build a greener planet together and help you comply with the latest regulations in the field of emissions. This means you don’t have to miss out on tenders!

Customized battery

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No challenge is too hard for our engineers

Our engineers like to sink their teeth into the most complex issues. From electrifying heavy excavators to providing energy storage for an entire wind farm: we don’t shy away from a challenge!

Watch our cases to get an idea of ​​the issues we have solved, and what we can do for you!

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