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Every day it feels like coming home

Christel Schelling | Intercel

An interview with Christel Schelling, Office Manager at Intercel

What is a top day for you?

“When everyone goes home happy, and I’ve been able to play part in that. I have a caring nature and helping people makes my day.”


Colleague Maaike about Christel: “Although we’ve only been working together for a relatively short period of time, I have an instinctive understanding with Christel. She considers your issues, stays ahead of the game, and makes sure everything stays right on track. She is also a great person to have around, fun with good sense of humour. A gem!”


What’s on your plate?

“My work consists of short-term and long-term projects. It ranges from small things like organising flowers, setting up a workstation, or 1001 administrative issues. To larger projects, like the internal move. The growth of Intercel required a new office layout. I deal with everything that is produced by this massive round of musical chairs. I also play an important role in the Emergency Response plan, and I will attend a course to become head of the Emergency Response organisation. That implies a massive responsibility. We are working on the Emergency Response policy plan and on getting the Emergency Response team properly in order. I’m also responsible for the exercises in relation to any emergencies, and deal with their planning and communication. Naturally, everyone needs to know what to do in the event of an emergency. My main task is to support the management team. Our management team is extremely independent, my task is largely to consider the issues and stay ahead of the game, and to keep all the facilities issues in order. At the meetings I deal with the minutes. I also keep an eye on the organisation. I always wonder whether there are there any things that could help employees. For example, if somebody is not sitting comfortably, I make sure they get a customised chair.”


How did you end up at Intercel?

“That is actually a curious story, because back in 2006 I also worked for Intercel. In between I worked in Almere, but by the end of last year I really needed a new challenge. By googling briefly for a job that was focused on “caring”, I read a suitable vacancy with a temping agency. After asking for more information, the job proved to be at Intercel!  Following a few brief discussions with recruitment and Vincent (the owner of Intercel), it was all sorted out pretty quickly, and I could start. Vincent looked at me during the interview and recognised me from the distant past. It really was like coming home to comfy slippers. The atmosphere is still exactly as it was in 2006. That’s really special, because in 2006 there were 20 employees and now there are 80!”


Colleague Robin about Christel: “Your door is always open; sometimes I wonder whether there is anything you can’t organise. I can rely on you, but we can also double up with laughter.”


What are the 3 words that sum up Intercel for you?

“Three words is not a lot. Intercel is modern, has a fabulous view of the future, and feels like a tight-knit family. People really do care about each other. When something is up with somebody, that is noticed and discussed. I also believe that Intercel is an excellent employer that cares about its staff. That is demonstrated by the employment terms, but also by the benefits and perks. We have a sustainable fleet with electric vehicles, we are encouraged to come by bike, and there are many activities outside work, with the annual winter-sports trip as the highlight of the year. All these things produce an atmosphere where people treat each other well.”


The energy transition, how does that impact you at work and privately?

“Logically, we contribute directly to the European energy transition with the products we make. But sustainability is also a practical issue for us with our solar panels and our electric fleet. Our new premises will be extremely sustainable. I’m not allowed to say too much about that, but it will be totally amazing. Together with my husband, I am working hard on being sustainable at home. We have an electric car and bicycles, and our house is fully insulated.”


Colleague Jauke about Christel: “The type who gets stuck in, rolls up her sleeves, and who needs no more than a look or a nod.” An attentive woman with a golden heart that she wears on her sleeve. Ask her for something and she’ll sort it out.” 


Intercel is growing fast, how does that impact you?

“Lots of new colleagues! Robin and Maaike (HR) are working hard on that, and I do too. Because we’re growing so rapidly, we really need this new site. We are delighted that the construction will start shortly. There are also many new positions and roles that are needed to support our development. What is really special, is that it doesn’t change our culture. We stay a tight-knit family that really looks out for each other.”


Colleague Norbert about Christel: “I see Christel as somebody who talks the talk and walks the walk and who doesn’t shy away from anything. She is smart and always there for you. Just brilliant.”


What is the nicest feedback you received from a new colleague?

“I heard that I’m the only one who isn’t allowed to resign, and I’m flattered to say the least. Of course, it’s tongue in cheek but it is still nice to hear. I love it when colleagues tell you that things are being done properly. My day cannot go wrong when I hear something along the lines of ‘Nicely done, Christel!’”

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