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Charging Lithium batteries

Can I use my lead-acid battery charger to charge a Lithium battery? NO! As per the instructions supplied with each charger, lead-acid chargers are specifically designed only for sealed VRLA lead-acid batteries. Do not use on any other type. Intercel Europe will not be responsible for damaged chargers, or batteries, due to incorrect compatibility of different battery chemistries. Some Lithium battery manufacturers say that you can use any charger, but Intercel strongly disagrees. Severe damage and or fire can result.

Battery charger for Lithium batteries

Intercel advice you to choose the correct battery charger for Lithium batteries. Don’t use a standard lead-acid battery charger to charge Lithium batteries. Each Lithium LiFepo4 battery or battery pack has his own special battery chargerContact the Intercel team and we will select the right Lithium battery charger for your situation.