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What are the definitions of “deep-cycle” and “standby” use?

Batteries for deep-cycle applications

“Deep-cycle” use – using the battery as a direct power source: Batteries used in deep-cycle applications are used intensively, being charged and discharged many times over the course of their operational lives. Batteries capable of withstanding deep-cycle use are therefore best suited for electric wheelchairs, golf trolleys, boats, electric lawn mowers, medical equipment and toys. Deep-cycle batteries can also be used as power sources for electric motorbikes and floor scrubbers.

Batteries for standby applications

“Standby” use – using batteries as backup power: Batteries used in standby applications are predominately used to supply emergency power, helping prevent any damage that may be caused by sudden loss of mains power. For standby power applications, so-called stationary or standby batteries are often used. These batteries are rarely discharged and their charge is constantly maintained.