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Where do I leave batteries during the winter?

For AGM batteriesGel batteries and Lithium batteries it’s no problem to leave the batteries on board or in your camper, caravan, trailer or marine application. As the lower temperature will actually prolong their lifespan. Remember to charge the batteries completely and to ensure that no consumers are left connected. Voltmeters, timers, refrigerators and car radio memory are some of the stealthy consumers to look out for in this respect. Wet lead-acid batteries have to be regularly topped up and charged to avoid freezing.

When do I need to recharge my battery?

It is advisable to recharge lead-acid batteries once every two to three months so the batteries are fully recharged. Intercel offers battery chargers for all kind of VRLA batteries and Lithium batteries. We also delivers Optima batteries special for seasonal use, after a winter you can still start your application without charging the battery.