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The world is changing and we have an important role to play in it

Gert-Jan Mulder Intercel

Organising and keeping to agreements

An interview with Gert-Jan Mulder, Project management

A few words about your background?
I have been fascinated by electrical engineering all my life. It started when I was a little boy, taking apart televisions and other electrical equipment. I found and find it magical. Electronics and energy technology were really a hobby of mine, which is why I also followed a study in this field. Eventually I ended up at Intercel. Energy and electrical engineering are combined there and I can put everything I’ve got into it. Intercel is in a market where a lot is happening, the world is changing and we have an important role in this.

What is your role at Intercel?
As a project manager at Intercel I supervise projects with the aim of delivering a good product and therefore a satisfied client. Both internal project management and communication with clients are central to this. An important part of my job is to think along with the client and ensure that their wishes are met. But I also really like to do some engineering and think along with the content in specific areas. My goal is to organise everything well and then to fulfil all agreements.

Do you have a passion for sustainability?
Certainly, I think that we have to deal with our earth differently. Raw materials are finite and we really need to look at them differently. In my role at Intercel, I can contribute to this transition on a daily basis. Of course, there are still many questions to be answered, but it is a necessary change to which I can contribute from my professional role.

Have you ever made a blunder?
Yes, even if it is a small one. I test and check equipment regularly and I did blow something up during testing. It was an inverter that blew apart. My colleagues and I smelled that smell in the workplace for a long time.

Intercel in one word for you?
A fantastic company, I have nice colleagues and there is a great working atmosphere. Especially the fact that you can develop yourself and that there is a lot of freedom is what I like about Intercel. As a fast-growing company we sometimes have growing pains, but then we all put our shoulders to the wheel and make sure things work out. We all work very hard for the same goal.

What do you want to achieve at the iVT fair in Cologne?
I am looking forward to having nice conversations with people at our stand. To talk to our customers about how we can think along and engineer for them. For me, it is also an opportunity to develop myself further and to gain knowledge and inspiration. I am very curious about what other exhibitors are showing and to hear the stories behind it. We have already had a nice first day, had good conversations. It is an interesting fair!

What is your message to the iVT?
Challenge us! We have a solution for almost everything, either with our customised batteries or standard solutions. We never have to say no to a request from an interested company.

Intercel in 5 years time?
We have grown considerably and become a serious player in the European market. We offer complete systems for vehicles and other machines, as well as more standard solutions. We have a new building with a large production line and of course many new colleagues. We will certainly continue to grow.

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