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I Immediately connected with the Intercel Family

Alexis Huteau | Intercel

An Interview with Alexis Huteau, Business Development Intern at Intercel.

How nice to meet a Frenchman at Intercel. What exactly do you do?

“As a culmination of my studies in Aerospace Engineering at ESTACA near Paris, I am interning at Intercel. It’s a broad internship where I look into various aspects of the organization. I try to apply my knowledge from aerospace to identify opportunities for Intercel. I also actively participate in the work and assess the most suitable companies to approach for partnerships or other relationships with us.”


What an interesting field of study! Were you captivated by aerospace at a young age?

“Absolutely! For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a part of the fascinating airspace and infinite space. As a child, I would watch documentaries endlessly on these subjects and read every book I could find. And it’s not just about what can be observed with a telescope. I’ve also been interested in everything that can be explored with a microscope. By the age of eight, I already had a semi-professional microscope in my room.”


How did you find Intercel?

“Intercel found me. Robin (from recruitment) reached out to me with a phone call, and soon after, we had a video call. A few days later, I was invited for a tour, and I immediately connected with the Intercel family. Because of their expertise and the atmosphere, I quickly said yes. Now, I’ve been working here for several months with a lot of joy. I really hope to stay here and further develop myself as a sales engineer.”


What sets Intercel apart?

“For Intercel, sustainability is truly a mindset. With this mindset, we actually change our collective behavior. Everyone is affected, both producers and consumers. Batteries are the means to achieve a significant part of the energy transition. This is the future, but also the present, and it’s amazing to be able to work on it.”


Why is that so important to you?

“Sustainability is important because the Earth’s temperature is rising. We need to take action now. I find it incredible to contribute directly to that cause. The goal is to stop using fossil fuels. It’s not entirely possible yet, but we should strive for it. Unfortunately, the transition is not happening at the same pace everywhere, but I want to be a catalyst in this process.”


What do you do personally for sustainability?

“I try to do a lot. I keep the heating to a minimum; in winter, it’s a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius, and that’s perfectly fine for me. I separate my waste strictly and use minimal water for showering. I exclusively buy second-hand clothing and even things like a used mattress. In everything I do, I try to think about its impact on the planet. In supermarkets in France, you can buy ‘ugly’ vegetables, but unfortunately, that’s not possible yet in the Netherlands.”


What do you think of your colleagues at Intercel?

“I can only think of positive things. They are very helpful, respectful, and just really nice people. Everyone speaks English, so there’s never a communication problem. On my first day, I felt very special because all my colleagues were present to welcome me. Within a few weeks, I had already made real friends whom I regularly meet up with at the café or elsewhere.”


What is your dream for the coming years?

“To further my career at Intercel. If I can play a role in the French market and find a customer or partner in the aerospace industry, that would truly be the realization of my dream!”

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