Holland's battery expert

Holland’s foremost battery expert

In the Dutch battery industry, Intercel's name is synonymous with superlative quality. Over the past 25+ years, our organization has developed into a full service supplier of a wide variety of AGM batteries, battery products, battery chargers and DC power supplies. Regardless of what is required - a complete battery system for an emergency power supply, a special charging system for backup batteries in military applications or thousands of wall socket chargers with modified batteries for a national project set up by the fire department - Intercel's advanced knowledge and specialization allow us to look beyond individual components. By cooperating closely with our clients, Intercel is able to consistently provide optimized professional advice. This is why Intercel has come to play a pivotal role in the market for emergency power systems.

Why should you use an Intercel battery system?

  • Intercel has more than 25 years of experience in the UPS and battery markets
  • Our mechanics are extensively certified (VCA, ISO, ESD protective gear, forklift licenses and BE driving licenses)
  • We can provide highly attractive warranties
  • Intercel has a large supply depot and can deliver quickly

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