Intercel history

Intercel - uniquely positioned in the battery trade

For more than two decades, Intercel's product portfolio has been aimed at the market for sealed AGM batteries and battery systems. We do not involve ourselves with automotive applications and traction batteries, so we do not carry car batteries or related articles. In the first 10 years of our existence, we predominantly concentrated on organizations whose primary concern at the time was emergency power. Luckily for us, this period saw the introduction of the PC in the professional arena. As a result, the need for UPS systems and other emergency power systems increased. Where they had once been a luxury, the driving pressure of an increasingly demanding market transformed emergency power solutions into the bare necessity they are today.

Intercel - the growth of a respected battery specialist

At the end of the last century, the ever-expanding market for battery solutions catapulted Intercel into a period of unprecedented growth. Advances in digital technology such as the advent of the Internet and the pervasiveness of computers combined with the great uncertainty surrounding the millennium problem to create a strong demand for security - a demand Intercel recognized and fulfilled. In recent years, our organization has grown to include 30 highly qualified professionals and our growth shows no sign of stopping. The modern-day Intercel supplies batteries and stationary battery systems at the highest quality levels available in today's market. Our products include battery packs, battery chargers, battery testers, DC power supplies and an exhaustive selection of battery accessories and tools.