Intercel – international presence through export and service

Intercel is not only active on the Dutch market - as an internationally-minded company, we are active around the world. We export our products and install battery systems wherever they are needed. 

Battery export – trade without borders

Thanks to our large supply depot and extensive expertise in the area of battery products, Intercel can provide international clients with lightning-fast professional advice and service. Our list of international customers is extensive: Intercel exports AGM batteries to Thailand, battery separators to Australia and alkaline batteries to Germany. As you can see, Intercel operates across borders!

Installation of battery systems for UPS emergency power systems abroad

Besides supplying batteries to international clients, Intercel also regularly installs battery systems for UPS emergency power systems abroad. We assemble and replace batteries for data centers across Europe on a regular basis. These battery systems consist of between 30 and 4000 batteries, requiring specialized knowledge and handling skills only Intercel can provide. Of course, the use of backup systems is not limited to data centers - Intercel installs emergency power supplies in a wide variety of other locations such as hospitals, banks and telecommunications hubs.