Tender for battery charger

Tender for battery charger

A battery charger must not only be suitable for the battery to be charged. It also has to meet all other requirements of the customer. Intercel specializes in providing special and conventional battery chargers.

Battery chargers for maximum performance

Intercel offers a wide range of battery charger from the brands Cellpower, CTEK, LEAB, Mascot, MEC, Sinergex, Soneil, TBS electronics and Victron. In short, for each battery Intercel has the right charger.

Battery charger features

Intercel offers 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V battery chargers. There is plenty of choice of charging currents from 0.5 A to 50A.

Contact us for your battery charger tender

Do you have a tender for a battery charger? Let us know and we will make you a most interesting offer. You can send it to our e-mail address.