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It is a great technical playground

Cecillia & Viorica | Intercel

“Lots of dynamics, fast growth and precise shifting.”


An interview with Viorica Stavila, Electrician and Cecillia Man Siu Hong, Test engineer at Intercel.


Why did you choose a career in engineering?

“I have always had a lot to do with engineering and for me it really is a career. I want to keep learning and keep growing. I have had many different jobs and am very proud to be a test engineer now. I like a practical profession, where measuring and working precisely are important. In my job as a test engineer, I deal with: dimensions, performance, specifications and lifespan. For me, a “male or female” culture doesn’t really matter. I enjoy working with men, but ultimately it’s about the atmosphere. A sense of freedom to be able to be yourself and communicate directly and openly.”

“For me, it was clear from an early age that engineering was my passion. As a child, I was always helping my father when he was doing DIY. After high school, I completed engineering university. Then my career was on pause for a while due to the arrival of my children. After moving from Moldova to the Netherlands, I immediately picked up my passion again and now I am an electrician at Intercel. I love it here. There is a lot of dynamism and we switch fast.”

“The freedom to be yourself.”


How did you come to Intercel?

“I wanted to take the next step in my career very carefully. Picking a company that suits me 100%. An acquaintance alerted me to the vacancy at Intercel. After a quick procedure, Intercel offered me a tailor-made job. My first impression was immediately good, which was the deciding factor for me.”

“I wasn’t actually looking for a job yet. But I came into contact with Intercel through the grapevine. I started the conversation. The fun atmosphere, open culture and interesting technical challenges made me more than curious. After a trial day, I was hooked! Everything I had ever learned came together in this job. Then, within a few weeks, it was complete!”


What role does Intercel play in the energy transition?

“We live in a rapidly changing world. Intercel does not stand still and is constantly innovating and optimising. Trying things out, testing, improving to design, produce and deliver new and even better solutions. In doing so, we help the Netherlands and Europe in the energy transition.”

“The world now runs on gas and oil. In the future, batteries will be central. Because that is what we all want, but of course also because of laws and regulations. Our energy solutions play an important role in this.”


What can you tell us about the products you make?

“Our custom batteries are truly 100% tailor-made. Everything is custom-designed and realised for the customer. There are endless possibilities. In this, we work closely with the customer and so we always create the right solution. For me, it’s a great technical playground.”

“We design and produce our battery packs based on all customer requirements. I find my role in all this unique and fine.”


Is there a product you dream of getting electrified?

“Definitely! I have a young timer myself. I would love it if we could develop a “standard” electrification conversion kit for classic cars.”

“Actually, there is an electric solution for every application, which I think is so cool. I think there is still a lot of profit in the electrification of boats and vessels. The Netherlands has many canals and an awful lot of waterways. We already have great solutions for that.”


What do you want to develop in the coming period?

Cecillia“I get a lot of energy out of communication and coordination. Making teams enjoy working together and achieving goals together. Getting the best out of others, also out of myself. But above all, I want to develop further in engineering. At Intercel, I get all the support I need.”

“My ambition is a perfect product, where everything is right all the way down to the documentation. With the huge growth we are experiencing, it is important to streamline processes. We work hard with the team to continuously optimise this.”


How would you describe Intercel as an employer?

“A close-knit team with a professional mentality. The atmosphere is great and we learn a lot from each other. Whether in knowledge exchange or in a brainstorming session. In addition, it is more than just work for me. There is always room for sociability.”

“Intercel has a lot of ambition and is growing fast. The team is great and the atmosphere is like coming home. There are many opportunities for development and perspective for me. With the growth with our sustainable solutions, things are getting better for everyone.”


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