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Lead Carbon: better specifications at a similar price

Edwin van Oosten | Intercel

Specialist in rehabilitation

An interview with Edwin van Oosten, Area Sales Manager at Intercel.

Your CV breathes green energy, what makes it your world?
“I have a diverse background in commercial roles from Ikea to financial services. When I had the opportunity to start a business, it coincided with an offer for a partnership in solar energy. Innovation in combination with sustainability appear to be my true motives. I have been able to train myself extensively and further develop my knowledge in this area. With my next step to Intercel, this world became much broader and more international for me. I have become a specialist in the rehabilitation sector, with a particular focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

How do customers experience Intercel?
“A real no-nonsense company. We are very close to our customers in order to advise them optimally. Intercel is a very flat organisation in which everyone shares the same goal: satisfied customers. Any problems are solved immediately. No long conversations, but immediately offer the right solutions. Because all our colleagues work for specific segments, we have the right knowledge of these markets. This enables us to give the best advice, to think along and to respond proactively to changing needs. This results in incredibly pleasant and valuable customer relations.

The rehabilitation sector and batteries. What is really important?
“It is a market dominated by large manufacturers who know exactly what they want. They want a clear range, quality and security of supply is perhaps the most important thing. For us, this market has been a spearhead for decades and we can fulfil the wishes and requirements of these companies excellently. In addition to our standard products, we are working on the development of new technologies, such as Lead Carbon“.

Any particular innovation that stands out?
“We are involved in the development of a mobility scooter for a manufacturer that generates energy when it rides down a hill. This is a major technical challenge because it places a particular burden on a battery. But we have found the solution and the manufacturer will probably use this solution in the new generation of mobility scooters.”

This week you are at the REHAB in Karlsruhe, what is your goal?
“We want to be prominently present there with a more than complete product range. We can help manufacturers to orientate themselves towards an attractive ‘next step’. Special attention will be paid to lead carbon batteries with better specifications and a comparable price to AGM. We will also present our Lithium batteries there, which are also an attractive option. Furthermore, we are of course looking forward to meeting existing and new partners. We have included a perfect range of batteries and accessories for manufacturers of wheelchairs and mobility scooters. These are already great days!

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