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LiFePO4 batteries

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Are you looking for a LiFepo4 batteries? At Intercel you will find the lithium iron phosphate battery you need. This type of battery is safe, reliable and has a long service life. Discover the many advantages of LiFePO4 batteries or order the battery you need right away from our broad assortment!

What are LifePO4 batteries?

LiFePO4 batteries are composed of lithium, iron and phosphate. It is a battery with a high energy density in relation to its volume and weight, and is highly resistant to extreme temperatures. Compared to other well-known lithium battery technologies, such as LiCoO2 (lithium oxide cobalt), LiFePO4 provides more safety. Where other lithium batteries can ignite when overcharged, this is not an issue with LiFePO4 batteries. The battery has many advantages over other battery types.

Advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries

As mentioned, lithium iron phosphate batteries have many advantages. We list them for you:

Utilize more than the full capacity

A LiFePO4 battery can deliver more than 100% of its nominal capacity. A 100 Ampere-hour (Ah) LiFePO4 battery, for example, can deliver more than 100 Ah. A 100 Ah lead-acid battery only has a usable capacity of between 30 and 50 Ah.

Long lifespan

LiFePO4 batteries last more than 2000 cycles with an average discharge of 100%. This can even go up to 8500 cycles if the battery is discharged to 30%! LiFePO4 batteries are thus real cyclical powerhouses that continue where other batteries stop. In comparison: a traditional lead-acid battery lasts 300-500 cycles at most. The long lifespan makes a LiFePO4 battery a smart economic choice as well!

Great ease of use

To achieve the lifespan given above, virtually no maintenance is required. This is a huge difference with traditional lead batteries, where correct use and maintenance play a huge role. LiFePO4 batteries, on the other hand, can be discharged to 100% and don’t need to be fully charged. This saves you a lot of worry!

Quick and easy charging

LiFePO4 batteries charge quickly to 100% of their full capacity. With a normal charger, charging only takes one hour. With a powerful charger, lithium iron phosphate batteries can even be fully charged within half an hour. If the battery is not 100% charged, this doesn’t damage the battery or affect its use – an important advantage over lead-acid batteries, where incomplete charging can lead to damage. Also, lithium iron phosphate batteries don’t have an absorption phase to charge the last 20% of the battery. Thanks to the ‘Battery Management System’ all the cells are charged evenly. After charging, the battery is immediately ready for use. This makes this battery type very easy and flexible to apply. 

Temperature resistant

LiFePO4 batteries can withstand extreme temperatures. The loss of capacity is minimal. At a temperature of -20 ˚C, the capacity of a LiFePO4 battery is still 80%, while lead-acid batteries can only 30% deliver of their capacity. Additionally, lithium iron phosphate batteries also work excellently in great heat.

Flat discharge curve

Batteries with this specific composition have an almost flat discharge curve. This means they always deliver the same output, whether they’re fully charged or almost discharged. Even if they are already deeply discharged, LiFePO4 batteries can still deliver a very powerful peak load.

Low weight, compact size

Compared to lead-acid batteries, LiFePO4 batteries are very light and small: they only weigh a quarter of comparable lead-acid batteries. Due to their compact dimensions, they can be placed almost anywhere. In addition, they can be placed in any position you want, because there is no risk of leakage. Also, the space where the LiFePO4 battery is placed doesn’t need to be ventilated.  

LiFePO4 batteries applications

These versatile batteries are suitable for a wide range of applications and uses. From maritime applications to traffic systems and from energy storage systems to off-grid standalone systems. Curious whether LiFePO4 batteries are also the solution for your application? Feel free to contact our sales engineers!

LiFePO4 batteries at Intercel

Intercel supplies high-quality LiFePO4 batteries from the brands PBQ and Cellpower. The Cellpower batteries are modular. This means they are always custom engineered for your application. As a result, the battery and application are always perfectly in tune. PBQ batteries are standard available in various sizes and capacities, which means we can often deliver a quick and ready-made solution for your application.

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