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Marketing engine in the energy transition

Stacey Prinsen | Intercel

In the end, it is all about doing!

An interview with Stacey Prinsen, Content Marketer at Intercel.

Why did you choose Intercel?

“An important part of my working life has been spent at innovative, technical companies. At the beginning of this year, I ended up at Intercel, an SME that is growing extremely fast because of its relevant role in the energy transition. There was a super fun challenge there in the area of content marketing where sustainability is often central.”

How did your passion around sustainability come about?

“Technical innovations make it possible for us to design our world differently. Earlier in my career, I worked for a trade organisation for technical companies. There I was right on top of innovation and engineering processes, creating content for that and making sure people can actually apply it gives me great satisfaction. At Intercel, this is even more concrete: we fulfil a necessary and important role in the energy transition and that results in special and, in my opinion, important stories. Intercel is an engine in the energy transition, but of course powered by batteries.

Marketing is a multifaceted profession, what is your greatest passion?

“Content marketing has had my interest for a long time. The strategic aspect is important and of course creating exactly relevant content and using it in a targeted way is what I love to do. At Intercel, this gives me an extra boost because the experts and inventors tell unique stories with great passion, which I can then transform into targeted content. Using storytelling to inform or inspire our organisation, clients and partners in a precise and targeted way. In the end, it’s all about doing! Roll up your sleeves.”

What kind of company is Intercel?

“A social company and you know everyone, colleagues work enthusiastically and are easy to talk to. What really strikes me is that people are seen. Your ideal future is taken as the starting point for your personal development and they invest in that. I strongly believe in the cooperation between marketing and sales to actually achieve commercial goals. There is frequent consultation and coordination between them so that I know exactly what is needed and sales knows what campaigns are running. Due to our rapid growth, there is also room for an additional all-round marketeer, who is more than welcome!

You are at many European trade fairs, how do you make them effective?

“This year we have a stand at four major and for us important trade fairs in Germany, next year even six! Namely the Intersolar in Munich, the REHAB in Karlsruhe, the iVT in Cologne and the Rehacare in Düsseldorf. In order to achieve the sales and marketing targets that we have, the trade fairs have been chosen very carefully on the basis of three segments that are important to us. These segments are: rehabilitation, construction machinery and energy storage. On the basis of the marketing plan, precise goals were set and choices were made regarding the unique propositions we have. Each trade fair has its own unique approach and content calendar. The cooperation with our Business Development Manager, Dirk van Gogswaardt, is also very important here. He knows exactly which trends are important now and what our position is in relation to the competition. That way we can make the difference based on content.”

What are you proud of this year?

“The results of the trade fairs are great. The pre-set targets for reach, leads, quotations and new customers have been exceeded. This is not the only result of the chosen content strategy; the reach and engagement on our social media channels is growing. As far as I’m concerned, this shows that we need to further expand our strategy.”

What else is in the pipeline?

“We are looking hard for expansion of the marketing team. I think the candidate will be able to join us at a good time. The foundations of our marketing department are in place and new projects we are going to undertake include: the optimisation of marketing data, tell more good stories in video and further professionalise our website.”

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