Intercel brings new Cellpower CPR series to Railtech 2017

  • Intercel brings new Cellpower CPR series to Railtech 2017

    Intercel will be presenting the new Cellpower CPR (Cellpower Rail Series) to the general public during Railtech Europe - one of Europe's biggest railway trade fairs - on 28, 29 and 30 March in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This battery series has the unique property of being highly vibration and shock resistant, which makes CPR batteries ideally suited for use along busy roads and motorways and railway lines, but also on construction sites or at large events. Not only are these batteries highly resistant to vibration and shocks, they also have a very long life. Where most AGM batteries last for up to 10 years, CPR batteries keep going for up to 15. That makes the CPR battery an unprecedentedly reliable source of energy for longer time periods. The batteries also feature a very low self-discharge rate, which means that they can be kept in stock for as long as 12 months without having to be recharged in the meantime. The CPR range is very broad: from 2 to 12 Volts and from 28 to 3000 Ah.

    The extremely robust properties of the CPR battery series means that they are permitted to carry an official ProRail product certificate (certificate number 0941/2016/CoC/RC104122-02). Once the batteries had been subjected to various inspections and tested for properties important to ProRail, it became clear that the quality amply satisfied the set requirements. ProRail certification also demonstrates the high quality and properties of the Cellpower CPR series to other users.

    You are warmly invited to drop by and see the new Cellpower CPR series for yourself at our stand (standnumber 3.002) at Jaarbeurs Utrecht on 28, 29 or 30 March. Our specialists will be pleased to explain the advantages of a CPR battery for your specific application. As well as the new CPR series, Intercel will be displaying other batteries and accessories so that there is a suitable energy solution on show for virtually any application in the field of traffic, mobility and infrastructure.