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The experts of Intercel

Intercel would like to delight every customer by always taking the extra step. It is not for nothing that ‘involved’ is one of our USPs. We can add the most value by understanding every customer.

  • Arnold Schrijver

    Arnold has been working at Intercel for a couple of years. He thinks it is a big advantage that his work is located on a five minute bicycle ride from his home. His son also like this. The best part of his job is the diversity. Every phone call brings in something new and it goes without saying that Arnold handles every request as well as possible.

    Arnold Schrijver

  • Edwin van Oosten

    Very nice, because it is very different. This is how Edwin summarizes his job at Intercel. From late 2015 he has been responsible for Intercel’s foreign customers in Germany and the former Eastern bloc. Doing business with other countries is very pleasant, because it is more explorative and you really have to understand each other.

    Edwin van Oosten

    Sales Export
  • Erwin de Marie

    Erwin is the star of Intercel’s inside service. He makes sure that all questions that come in receive perfect answers. After a day of work he drives to Hoofddorp where he lives with his wife and two teenagers. Erwin describes himself as an active and result oriented person who likes everything.

    Erwin de Marie

    Sales Solutions
  • Erik van den Thillart

    All foreign customers who call Intercel are directed to Erik. He started working for Intercel ten years ago and also supports the distributors. Erik likes that he can use his talents. He wants to do his job better every day.

    Erik van den Thillart

    Sales Export
  • Tom Thomson

    Tom has been working as Export Sales Manager since the beginning of 2016. He describes his job as 'fun and very diverse'. As Export Manager, Tom is responsible for all global regions with the exception of eastern Europe and German speaking countries. The large diversity in clients and cultures makes that every day brings new challenges.

    Tom Thomson

    Sales Export
  • Vincent Kleintjens

    As a youngster he was hunted by the founder of Intercel, Rob Spigt. He thought Vincent was a trading talent. In turns out Rob was right. Intercel stated with four employees and together they turned Intercel into a flourishing company with 38 employees and it is still growing.

    Vincent Kleintjens

  • Patrick Roos

    Patrick is always on his way to the customers. One day he visits a company that sells mobility scooters and wheelchairs and another day he visits a battery wholesaler. This diversity is what Patrick really likes. He has been working for Intercel for numerous years now and he really grew with the company.

    Patrick Roos

    Account Manager
  • Robin Been

    Robin is one of the youngest employees of Intercel. He submits offers, follows-up by phone, reaches out to new customers and watches over the processes. He likes to bring in new customers, especially large orders and orders from customers that others would not have reached out to.

    Robin Been

  • Robert Hindriks

    Robert takes care of the timetable of Intercel. He directs the mechanics who work on various locations. He is also a commercially strong guy and stays in contact with various customers. He has been working at Intercel for ten years, but no day has been the same. Robert likes the variation.

    Robert Hindriks

    Project Manager
  • Eric van Roode

    Everyday Eric rides his motorcycle from Alkmaar to provide the customers with technological advice, process orders and submit offers. Before he started working for Intercel, he worked for a famous energy supplier, where he guided the maintenance of power plants. He really likes the short lines within Intercel.

    Eric van Roode

    Sales Engineer

Departments of Intercel

The atmosphere at Intercel matters. Colleagues are prepared to help each other to devise good, quick and at times seemingly impossible solutions for our clients. The relationships between us all create a good fun atmosphere. Intercel is a company with seamless coordination between all the Departments.

Purchasing | Sales | Marketing | Warehouse | Logistics | Assembly | Workshop | After Sales | Accounts | Reception | Board


Fitting, replacing, moving battery systems or any other assignment you may have for us - our permanent team of Mechanics will take it on and makes sure you are satisfied with the end result. There is nothing like a challenging project!

Sales Department

One of our strengths is that we empathise with our clients and understand their end products in order to arrive at an optimum solution. All our sales people are given comprehensive in-house training. The link between a sales rep and a colleague in the office provides an absolute guarantee that everybody is served properly.


Unloading a number of containers in one day, preparing an internal order for an urgent assembly job or the daily orders for our clients in the Netherlands and abroad, our Warehouse Team is a well-oiled set-up and able to process everything in full and on time. However, logistics is not limited to our warehouse - we can deal with the complete logistics side of your project too.

News from the industry and Intercel.

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Intercel brings new Cellpower CPR series to Railtech 2017


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