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Plug & Play Mobile Energy System

Plug & Play mobiele stroomvoorziening

Off-grid building and operation

At Intersolar, starting on 11 May in Munich, in collaboration with De Wit Aggregaten, we will be presenting a portable power supply that makes it possible to build and operate off-grid. This portable energy storage is a hybrid system in which there is efficient utilization of the battery storage and several available (sustainable) energy sources. Ton Booij, of De Wit Aggregaten, talks about the development of this generator and takes us through the process.


How did the collaboration with Intercel proceed?
“It started with the idea to develop a new hybrid and portable generator, specifically suited for the construction- and housing market. A high energy density, operational reliability and ease of use, in particular, were preconditions. Due to our experience with motors, the generator aspect was immediately apparent; to precisely engineer and construct the battery component, an experienced partner was necessary. Intercel jumped in with their expertise and in no time we were able to start building together.”


Which challenges did you encounter?
“Given that we set high demands on power and ease of use, this truly is a project of innovation. To meet and ensure the portable properties for the end user, the generator must be delivered in a 10-foot container. This meant that we were confined to construct a very compact system.


Additionally, safety is an important factor that requires the temperature of the installation to  remain low. Intercel’s exceptional batteries ensure that there is little heat generated yet have a large capacity of 60 kWh. Overall, in the beginning this seemed like a giant puzzle, but due to Intercel’s outstanding thinking, this puzzle was swiftly solved. The end result is a compact, ‘Plug & Play,’ portable power supply that is simple to operate anywhere, and saves between 20 to 70% on diesel costs.”


What is important to De Wit?
“We offer a wide selection of generators; the rental market is especially important to us and we build custom generators for medical applications and events, for example.  Due to rapid growth in sustainability, we need partners who are true experts in their field. There are quite a few cowboys in the market who claim they can do it all but in practice are unable to deliver. Intercel does it well. They have an open culture, offer expert knowledge and deliver exceptional batteries. In other words, we had a concept and Intercel has ensured that it can be fulfilled.”


What will the next innovation be?
“That will be another big step. We want to offer a hybrid generator with an even larger capacity, along the lines of 200 kVA and 400 kWh! This, naturally, creates new challenges that need to be overcome. This requires specific knowledge from us and from Intercel, but we are confident that we will succeed again.”


Designed to meet

  • Capacity: 1200Ah – 51,2V – 61,4KWh LiFePO4
  • Discharge: 45KW
  • Load capacity: 45KW
  • Temperature range: -20 to +45 degrees Celsius

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