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Electric Knikmops exceeds expectations

When the Geens Brothers decided it was time for an electric Knikmops, one thing was clear: it had to...

Internal transport & AGV

Tailor-made batteries from Intercel are suitable for rapid boost charges and offer a larger action radius. In this way...

Hybrid Generator

The rapid charge option is needed for battery systems which are placed with a diesel generator, to subsequently be...
Built for the toughest jobs

Heavy construction machinery

At the construction site, the focus is also on the energy transition. No concessions need to be made in...
More range, less emissions

Light EV

Intercel has provided tailor-made work for the electrification of various vehicles. From harvesting machines to electric wagons. More compact,...
Compact and smart weight distribution

Hydraulic platforms

With the conversion from diesel to electric for hydraulic platforms, primarily the dimensions of the battery are very important....
Possibility to charge at a public charging station

Electric Shovel

Many current electric shovels make use of systems on the basis of multiple battery modules. This has the disadvantage...
High energy density, efficient energy storage

Energy Storage System

An increasingly large share of our power supply is generated in a sustainable way. Intercel has already supplied various...
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