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Cleaning machines

Intercel has equipped various cleaning machines with a Lithium custom-made package.

Making smelly diesel in built-up areas a thing of the past. An effective way for municipalities and companies to decrease emissions.

High Tech

  • 5000 cycles (80%DoD)
  • the battery remains balanced, also with rapid charging and boost charges
  • up to 95% deep discharge, increased capacity available
  • Rapid charging, from 40%-90% in only 30 min
  • Monitoring over CAN-bus
  • Charging from a public charging station, single phase and three phase connection with the same battery.

Intercel has supplied the following battery packs for (mobile) cleaning machines

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Mobile high-pressure cleaner

30.72 kWh 51.2V/600Ah LFP Battery 

Robust battery for cleaning machine with stainless steel casing, separate battery monitoring and connection for solar panels. Thanks to its smart design, we have the option to supply a 30.72 or a 20.48kWH battery in the same casing. This gives the client more freedom of choice.

Mobile high-pressure cleaner

15.4 kWh 51.2V/300Ah LFP Battery 

Tailor-made battery pack for cleaning machine with external battery monitor

Mobile high-pressure cleaner

25.6kWh 51.2V/500Ah LFP Battery 

Modular expandable battery system for professional cleaning machine.

Tidy street, cleaner air

Mobile cleaning machines are often deployed to clean and maintain public areas, primarily in urban and built-up areas. Until recently these machines were powered by fossil fuels, such as a diesel generator. The tailor-made Intercel battery packs now make it possible to make the switch to a fully electric cleaning machine. This contributes to the sustainability mission that many companies and municipalities are faced with.

The custom-made Lithium battery packs are suitable for both the conversion of current fossil fuel powered cleaning machines, as well as completely newly-designed cleaning machines. Due to the fact that the machines with a battery pack do not emit any particulate matter, CO2, nitrogen or other harmful substances, major profits are made in terms of liveability and sustainability, particularly in urban areas, as well as a significant contribution to the energy transition. Keeping the physical environment as well as the air clean!

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