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Electric Shovel

Many current electric shovels make use of systems on the basis of multiple battery modules.

This has the disadvantage that an imbalance can exist between these modules. The tailor-made Intercel packs are controlled centrally and therefore operate as one single battery. In this way there is no imbalance between battery cells and a maximum return is gained from the battery pack. In addition, Intercel offers many different connection options, such as a charging station.

High Tech batteries

  • 5000 cycles (80%DoD)
  • the battery remains balanced, also with rapid charging and boost charges
  • up to 95% deep discharge, more capacity available
  • Rapid charging, from 40%-90% in only 30 min
  • Monitoring over CAN-bus
  • Charging from a public charging station, single phase and three phase connection with the same battery
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Electric shovel

34.56 kWh 86.4V/400Ah LFP Battery 

  • charging station connection
  • Replacing a system on the basis of battery modules

Intercel has developed and created this tailor-made battery pack so that it can be charged at a charging station. As these are available at increasingly more locations, there is almost always a possibility to boost charge the shovel locally. Thanks to the rapid charging option, the battery a boost charge of 50% can be achieved in only 30 minutes. This makes the shovel extremely flexible and also easily deployable again. Our pack replaces an older pack that consisted of various separate battery modules. The old pack had the disadvantage that it tended to charge and discharge less evenly over time, ultimately resulting in severely reduced performances. The tailor-made battery from Intercel is an all-in-one solution. Charging and discharging is controlled by a central BMS, which prevents imbalance between battery cells. Thanks to this, the battery as a whole can be discharged much deeper, therefore making increased capacity available.

CLPL Shovel battery | Intercel

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