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Energy Storage System

An increasingly large share of our power supply is generated in a sustainable way.

Intercel has already supplied various tailor-made battery packs to subsequently also store this energy as sustainably and efficiently as possible. Thanks to the high-quality cells with high-energy density, not only can more energy be stored in a more compact system, higher currents can be supplied when the battery system is needed.


  • Quality guarantee, production according to ISO 9001
  • High-quality electronics originating from the EU and US
  • Every battery is equipped with a test report
  • 30-year old family company

Intercel has supplied the following tailor-made systems for use in Energy Storage Systems.

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Energy Storage System

418kWh 48V/8700Ah Battery 

  • 37kWp solar panels
  • 3 phase Victron charger/transformer system
  • Mobile autonomous solar system

Energy Storage System

24kWh 48V/500Ah Lead Carbon

  • Lead Carbon battery system
  • Connected to a 12kWp PV installation

Solar Energy Storage

137kWh 684.8V/200Ah LFP battery

ESS for solar energy storage.

Batteries and the energy transition

Increasingly more companies and municipalities are focussing on the energy transition. Due to this, energy is increasingly generated locally in a sustainable way, for example using solar panels or wind turbines. Due to the fact that power generation has become more efficient over the years, nowadays there are more so-called off-grid autonomous applications available. These are no longer connected to the main grid, but are completely self-sufficient for the required power. However, the generated energy has to be stored somewhere.

Intercel has been supplying battery systems for the storage of sustainable (locally) generated energy for some time, but nowadays, thanks to tailor-made (Lithium) battery packs can offer incredibly efficient solutions, where not only more energy can be stored, but the battery systems required for this are much more compact and lighter than previously. In addition, our battery systems can also supply higher currents, which is particularly favourable for demanding applications. This offers much flexibility and possibilities for storing a lot of energy. Intercel specialists ensure the seamless coordination between battery pack and application for this, on location if required.

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