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The nitrogen crisis and sustainability mission demand a powerful and clean solution.

For this, Intercel has already provided tailor-made solutions with Lithium technology to various clients, supplied for use in excavators and other construction machinery. Due to the fact that our specialists work in close consultation with the client, the battery pack is seamlessly in tune with the application. That is why maximum performances and reliability are guaranteed.


  • Latest generation automotive LFP cell, 160 Wh/kg
  • The cell-to-pack (CTP) method ensures the highest possible capacity in the available space
  • Tailor-made for your application, also with low amounts

Conversion from diesel to electric

Intercel designs, supplies and produces battery packs for electric excavators for various manufacturers. With the conversion from diesel to electric, a battery has to be placed in a very limited space.

The available space can be optimally used thanks to the intensive collaboration between Intercel and its clients.

Intercel has recently delivered two different battery packs for excavators.

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19.2kWh 96V/200Ah LFP Battery

  • Single phase charger: 6 hours
  • Three phase rapid charger: 40%-90% in 60 min
  • The machine’s multifunctional display provides battery information about CAN bus connection

When designing a suitable battery pack, our engineers proceeded creatively with the available space in the application. That is why they designed a system that operates as one single Lithium LiFePO4 battery, but where the battery cells are divided over two casings. This had several benefits. For example, not only is the available space used optimally for a battery capacity as large as possible, but the weight distribution was also more favourable. Due to the fact that all battery cells are centrally connected to the same BMS, the entire system operates as one single battery. That is why there is no imbalance between the cells and maximum performances and lifespan are achieved. Thanks to the rapid charging option, the excavator can always be deployed quickly, which means the work is never unnecessarily interrupted or stopped.


15.4kWH 77V/200AH LFP Battery 

  • Single phase charger: 5 hours
  • Three phase rapid charger: 40%-90% in 50 min
  • Compact design thanks to extensive collaboration between Intercel and client

For this battery pack the rapid charging option was important. By integrating a powerful three phase charging system in the battery pack, 50% can be boost charged in only 50 minutes. This makes the excavator quickly operational again. Due to its composition, the pack is also able to handle these quick boost charges, which means no capacity loss occurs. Thanks to the rapid charging option, the total pack also remained compact, where this can easily be installed in the application.

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