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Heavy construction machinery

At the construction site, the focus is also on the energy transition.

No concessions need to be made in terms of performances thanks to powerful tailor-made Lithium batteries.


  • Lithium Iron Phosphate technology is the safest battery type
  • Waterproof battery casing and chargers
  • Isolation monitoring for wire break detection
  • Each battery is equipped with temperature sensors, fuses and relays
  • No water cooling required

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57.6 kWh 96V/600Ah LFP battery pack

Replacing diesel-powered cranes with fully electric

Hijskraan | Intercel

Heavy-duty construction machine

368.6kWh 614.4V/600Ah LFP battery pack

Split over 6 modules. Replacing diesel-powered heavy construction machinery with fully electric

Heavy-duty construction machine

491.5 kWh 819.2V/600Ah LFP battery pack

16 modules of 30.72 kWh. Client personally builds the modules into end product for extensive integration.

Sustainability on the construction site

The key focus of the construction industry is on the energy transition and sustainability. There is a major need to reduce emissions, primarily of nitrogen. With Intercel’s tailor-made battery solutions it is possible to electrify construction machinery, from excavators to cranes. Here it is possible to opt for a solution with multiple battery modules which are seamlessly set up with each other and the application, or for comprehensive all-in-one solutions with central BMS control. Thanks to the wide experience of our engineers, a tailor-made solution is always possible which makes a hybrid or even complete transition from diesel to electric possible.

Intercel produces batteries which can handle heavy duty use. Water and dust-proof, rapid boost charges and high current flow. Due to the fact that the Lithium battery packs are developed and built 100% tailor-made, the available space is optimally used for maximum capacity and performances. This way the construction machinery remains maximum deployable, whilst drastically reducing emissions and diesel usage.

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