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Hybrid Generator

The rapid charge option is needed for battery systems which are placed with a diesel generator, to subsequently be discharged when the aggregate is off. To make rapid charging possible an extensive integration with the charger/transformer is required. Integration with every type of communication is possible here. Intercel can integrate Cellpower batteries with the most common CAN-bus / Modbus controlled inverters and bidirectional transformers. This means there is no imbalance in the battery, which benefits the lifespan.

Safe and reliable

Lithium Iron Phosphate technology is the safest battery type

  • Waterproof battery casing and chargers
  • Isolation monitoring for personal protection, increased safety and prompt signalling of defects.
  • Every battery is equipped with temperature sensors, fuses and relays
  • No water cooling required

Intercel has recently supplied the following tailor-made batteries for Hybrid generators:

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Hybrid Generator

40.96 kWh 51.2V/800Ah LFP Battery 

  • Equipped with heating and three phase Victron system.
  • In contrast to other battery systems, our BMS controls the charging process centrally and we do not work with different modules. The total pack therefore operates as one single battery. This means there is no imbalance in the battery pack and the batteries can be discharged up to 95%.

Hybrid Generator

81.92 kWh 51.2V/1600Ah LFP Battery 

  • 90kVA bidirectional transformer consisting of 6 x Victron Quattro 15kVA
  • The installation time is reduced due to the fact that the Cellpower lithium battery pack consists of one part instead of different modules.
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Clean air

These applications concerned two different mobile power supplies, installed in containers with solar panels. These containers are increasingly deployed at (large) events and festivals as a greener and more sustainable power supply. This not only provides a positive contribution to better air quality, but savings can also be made in fuel costs due to the fact that much less diesel is used. By installing the transformers and the battery pack into one single construction, the installation of these battery systems is very easy. This offers time savings with both the design of the application, as well as when maintenance must be carried out in the future.

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