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Hydraulic platforms

With the conversion from diesel to electric for hydraulic platforms, primarily the dimensions of the battery are very important.

Intercel was able to create compact tailor-made batteries thanks to the latest generation Lithium Iron Phosphate cells.


  • Quality guarantee, production according to ISO 9001
  • High-quality electronics originating from the EU and US
  • Every battery is equipped with a test report
  • 30-year old family company

Intercel has recently supplied the following battery pack for a hydraulic platform

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Hydraulic platform

30.72kWh 76.8V/400Ah LFP Battery 

  • Three phase rapid charger: 3.5 hours
  • Battery pack is split in two casings for optimal weight distribution
  • Charging is possible using either single phase or three phase power

With this client the available space was the biggest challenge. That is why our engineers devised a creative solution: a battery where the cells are divided over two casings. Due to this not only was the available space optimally used, but the weight was also distributed more evenly over the application. Due to the fact that the cells are controlled from a central BMS, the total pack operates as one battery. This means there is no imbalance between the battery cells, which benefits the lifespan and performances of the total pack.

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