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Internal transport & AGV

Tailor-made batteries from Intercel are suitable for rapid boost charges and offer a larger action radius. In this way AGVs are used optimally, with a quicker return on investment.


  • Latest generation automotive LFP cell, 160 Wh/kg
  • The cell-to-pack (CTP) method ensures the highest possible capacity in the available space
  • Tailor-made for your application, also with low amounts

Intercel has supplied the tailor-made batteries below for AGVs and internal transport

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AGV robot

2.56 kWh 25.6V/100Ah LFP

  • Compact battery for AGV Robot
  • Integrated compact BMS that has been specially developed for use in AGVs
  • CAN-bus interface and integrated load switching capacity

The longer and more frequently an AGV can be deployed, the quicker the return on investment. This means that the battery pack must therefore have sufficient capacity so that the AGV can keep operating non-stop for a long period of time if required, but rapid boost charges should also be possible. Intercel’s tailor-made Lithium battery pack makes both possible for this client. During peak times at the warehouse, the AGV can keep working in a problem-free way for an extended period, whilst being able to opt for rapid boost charges at quieter times thanks to the application of LiFePO4 battery cells. This makes the AGV practically always deployable, which means the efficiency of the distribution centre is increased significantly overall.

Pallet truck

2,56 kWh 25.6V/100Ah LFP

  • Pallet truck for internal transport
  • Battery pack to replace lead acid traction battery
  • Equipped with RS485, CAN-bus

Many electric pallet trucks deployed in warehouses use heavy traction lead acid batteries that have to be topped up with demineralised water every so often. Over time, these batteries lose much of the original capacity, can only be slowly recharged and the topping up process is often time-consuming. All factors that reduce the deployment.

Magazijn Pallet | Intercel

Intercel has replaced the old lead acid battery pack with a tailor-made Lithium battery pack for various electric pallet trucks. This has resulted in major performance gains and significantly increased deployability. The charging times of the pallet trucks are significantly reduced and the regular topping up of the batteries is a thing of the past. Intercel engineers ensure a seamless coordination between the battery pack and the pallet truck, which maximises the performances and lifespan. A tailor-made Lithium battery pack is not only the best way to give old pallet trucks a second life, but also to increase the deployability and performances of new pallet trucks.

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