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Light EV

Intercel has provided tailor-made work for the electrification of various vehicles.

From harvesting machines to electric wagons. More compact, cleaner and with increased power.


  • Latest generation automotive LFP cell, 160 Wh/kg
  • The cell-to-pack (CTP) method ensures the highest possible capacity in the available space
  • Tailor-made for your application, also with low amounts
  • Infinite number of different configurations possible, concerning both dimensions and performances
  • Conversion from diesel to electric

Intercel designs, supplies and produces battery packs for light EV electrical vehicles for various manufacturers. Increasingly more companies opt for the electrification of their application, or an upgrade of a current battery pack.

Intercel has recently supplied various custom-made battery packs for Light EV.

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Agricultural machine

20.48 kWh 25.6V/800Ah LFP Battery 

Powering a tracked agricultural machine. Package consisted of Lithium Iron battery cells to replace an AGM battery system. This provided the client with a battery pack of the same dimensions, yet with a much greater capacity, than can be charged faster. In addition, the weight is lower. All these factors combined this ensures a much larger action radius. The battery is also charged with solar panels during use.

Public space maintenance vehicle

30.72kWh 51.2V/600Ah LFP Battery 

The batteries are produced on a stock-based agreement. On the basis of this, Intercel can make larger production runs, and can supply the client from stock. The batteries are used in an application for maintenance of the public space, and therefore have to also perform optimally under adverse weather conditions.


11kWh 73.6V/150Ah LFP Battery

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with built-in heating for optimal charging in cold conditions. This is how the battery charges optimally throughout the year, where the vehicle can be deployed quickly, maintaining a maximum action radius thanks to shorter charging times. Automotive application with road access permission.

Cleaner, stronger, better

Thanks to the need for sustainability, the choice to convert current (small) vehicles from fossil-fuel powered to electric is increasing. In this way, a significant contribution is made to the energy transition and harmful emissions of CO2, for instance, particulate matter and nitrogen are reduced. In addition, it may be attractive to replace an old battery pack, for example, with AGM or Gel technology, by a tailor-made Lithium battery pack.

Thanks to the intensive collaboration between Intercel and its clients, the available space is used optimally, which means the best possible performances are provided. A tailor-made Intercel Lithium battery pack offers a maximum action radius with more compact dimensions and a lighter weight.

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