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We like working with Intercel because we can always rely on them. It's easy to ask questions, and they are answered quickly and competently.
Cornel Buholzer Buholzer Batterien

Complete confidence

An interview with Cornel Buholzer, Managing Director of Buholzer Batterien Switzerland and Intercel distributor.

Can you tell us some more about yourself and your company?

I joined our family business straight after studying engineering at TU Delft. I enjoyed it from day one – it’s interesting work, and no two days are the same. We work on innovations that solve electrification challenges. It is great to spar on the subject with my clients, colleagues and partners and always give them the right advice, regardless of the situation.

How did the company start?

My father started working for a battery company in 1966. In 1983, he went into business for himself, and I took it over from him 15 years ago. My father is now 80 and is still involved in our business. He has so much knowledge and experience that all our knowledge combined means we can respond to any challenge. Buholzer Batterien is a true family firm. We are dedicated to looking after our customers and our team. The company has now become one of Switzerland’s most renowned battery suppliers. My colleagues and I are more than proud of that. At the same time, we never forget that we have to pull out all the stops every day to live up to that reputation over and over again.

Where does the strength of Buholzer Batterien lie?

We are an innovative company offering new products and solutions. I can safely say that our range of batteries, chargers and inverters is among the best in our industry. We also keep large stocks so that customers are never turned away. We constantly work on e-mobility solutions and electrical machinery, but also for hearing aids and battery systems for solar parks. We cover everything to do with batteries.

What is the most important trend for you?

There are many trends and they are all having a big impact. If I have to choose one, it’s the rapid development of lithium batteries. They can now be used in many devices and machines, such as service batteries for campervans. But as I mentioned, we see many relevant trends and developments. We study them every day and keep close tabs on them.

What does sustainability mean for your business?

Sustainability is an important factor that is here to stay. We stay completely up-to-date with innovations that drive sustainability so that we can serve our customers with the right advice and products.

What can you tell us about your relationship with Intercel?

We’ve worked intensively together and to our mutual satisfaction for almost ten years now. What makes it so enjoyable and effective is that we have the same mindset. The fact that we are both family businesses could have something to do with that. Either way, we share a passion for batteries and electrification. That is how we strengthen each other and develop side by side. The end customer is at the heart of everything we do. The way I see it, it’s all about proactive communication throughout the chain from manufacturer to end user.

Can you give an example of the strength of communication between your companies?

Good question; I certainly can. I still clearly remember how we were received at the distributors’ day organised by Intercel. We gained new knowledge, met many new people and intensified our existing contacts. The most important thing to us is that our partners are reachable and have the right expertise and product. Intercel does exactly that, and we use it every day.

Where do you stand now?

As a battery specialist, our partnership with Intercel has intensified. We started with the renowned Intercel batteries for the rehabilitation sector. After that, we steadily expanded the product range and now also work with their Engineer to Order for e-mobility and energy storage systems.

How do you see the future with Intercel?

We like working with Intercel because we can always rely on them. It’s easy to ask questions, and they are answered quickly and competently. This creates the conditions for a future with endless new possibilities!

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