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Financing and leasing batteries

At Intercel Europe, we always strive to offer our clients the best possible solutions. This is not only demonstrated by our dedication to quality and service, but also by our versatile approach to doing business.

As an international distributor and supplier of high-quality battery products, we understand that each client has specific requirements and needs. That’s why we offer a variety of financing and leasing options to choose from.

Battery rental and leasing

IDo you need a temporary battery system for a project your company is working on? Intercel Europe offers battery rental and leasing contracts for a variety of applications and time spans. If you need a battery solution for a fixed period of time, simply contact our staff and discuss your power storage needs. We will work with you to find the best solution for your situation, whether you require a basic battery system or a complete installation and service contract.

Convenient blanket contracts

If your business requires a regular supply of batteries, placing batch orders can be time-consuming and impractical. When you need to receive your battery shipments at fixed intervals, a blanket order is a convenient and cost-effective solution. Intercel allows its customers to place blanket orders for specific periods of time. Payment is made after each delivery at the price agreed upon when the order was placed. This allows you to avoid unnecessary costs and ensure stable supply.

Consigned inventory solutions

Do you want to simplify your inventory management? At Intercel, customers can opt to take delivery of goods on consignment. This gives you more options to manage your inventory and supply; working with vendor-owned inventory means you can keep the resources you need on hand without having to pay for unused stock. Also, you’ll never have to worry about write-off costs, as any surplus stock can be returned to Intercel under the conditions of the consignment contract.

Transparent financial agreements

Intercel favors transparency in financial matters. We believe that honesty, simplicity and clarity are the best foundation for mutual trust. This means you’ll never encounter unpleasant surprises when you choose to do business with Intercel. Our responsibilities towards you will always be clearly delineated in your contract, along with any other relevant modifiers and financial agreements.

Would you like to place an order, or do you have any questions about our financing and leasing options? Please contact Intercel Europe for anything you need. Our staff will make sure you receive a prompt, professional response.

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