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An emergency power systems, commonly known as an uninterruptible power supply or UPS, is an important tool to guarantee important systems such as computers and regulatory equipment remain fully operational in case of a power failure. As a result of their importance, UPS systems necessarily require the most reliable battery systems available. That’s where Intercel can make a difference.

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Jaco Zeggelaar

Business Unit Manager UPS
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Need help finding the right battery?

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Work planner UPS
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It goes without saying that you have your business-critical systems calculated and installed by a specialist. Would you like a professional to maintain or repair your UPS or emergency-power system? We will always be able to provide a customised solution .


Experience has taught us that an on-site inventory always produces the best end result. When we carry out an inventory we look at the factors on site that play a role in producing an optimum battery system. The status of the cabling, ambient temperature and the logistics processes on site are checked too. On the basis of an inventory we can issue the best possible advice for you.

Customised battery systems

A customised battery system is the only way to guarantee reliable energy for many specific applications. Designing and developing those systems requires the necessary expertise. Performance criteria are not the only conditions a customised battery system should meet. Quality, safety and costs also play a role in the design. Intercel always weighs up these factors with the objective of providing the optimum battery system for your application. Calculating and designing a battery system requires experience of battery technology – the chemical composition, dimensions, specifications and tolerances of the batteries all affect the result.


After a period of time, the batteries in an emergency-power system need to be replaced. The ambition is always to provide a system that requires less maintenance yet complies with all the requirements. This way Intercel always works on innovative solutions in order to provide the ideal battery system together with the suppliers of UPS systems.


Technical surprises can be prevented with a maintenance contract. This contract is prepared in close cooperation with the supplier in order to achieve the optimum situation. It is also possible to extend the standard guarantee period. With a contract, a client is always assured of the most reliable energy provision.


Intercel provides work to order. Whether you are looking for a special battery pack, batteries fitted in a series or rack or a string isolator according to your specifications – Intercel makes it and supplies it. An energy system that is put together on the basis of your specifications and that guarantees reliable energy provision.

Migration – logistics

Disassembly, clearing up or moving a complete emergency-power system is a demanding process that requires plenty of technical knowhow. A move can be internal, and a system is simply put into another room, or it can be external and the system is moved to different premises altogether. Either way, it is often carried out by inexpert personnel.


Intercel produce many specials when it comes to emergency power. Examples include battery cabinets, battery racks, string separators, battery switches and string isolators. It goes without saying that the Intercel engineers would be pleased to provide you with your specials.

Measuring batteries

The Intercel mechanics are ready to measure and test battery systems on site. There are a number of options. You could also buy a battery tester yourself and get started.