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Battery for datacenter

Battery for datacenter – battery backup data center

Intercel supplies and installs AGM batteries for datacenters. A critical component of a data center is the emergency power system, also known as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). Servers must always be online and should not shut off in case of power failure. A reliable battery system is necessary to ensure this.

UPS battery replacement, battery replacement in emergency power system of datacenter

If you want to have the batteries of your datacenter replaced, Intercel is the right choice. Whether it is a battery system of 18 or 5,000 batteries, makes no difference for us. Thanks to our great team of experienced and certified technicians and project managers, we can meet any challenge. Also for rush jobs Intercel offers the best service.

What is the best battery for my data center?

For your datacenter you want a battery system with a long service life. To meet this need, we offer the Cellpower CPW series. These AGM batteries for UPS systems have a very high energy density and maximum battery service life. This is achieved using computer models, the proper selection of materials and design, as well as automated production. These batteries come with a standard 3 year warranty. Optionally you can get a 5 year warranty on the batteries, ask for the conditions.

With Cellpower CPW batteries in your emergency system you only need to replace your batteries once every 15 years!

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Jaco Zeggelaar

Business Unit Manager UPS
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