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Battery Maintenance and Replacement

Battery maintenance

Is your UPS working properly? Looking for the best Emergency Power / UPS battery? While many businesses rely on emergency power, it is often difficult to judge the operational status of backup solutions. After all, most UPS systems are only put to the test when grid power fails. In those moments, battery maintenance issues or defects can have a devastating effect on the continuity of your business and the safety of your personnel.

Professional battery maintenance by Intercel Europe

Fortunately, Intercel is uniquely capable of addressing potential problems before they arise. Thanks to our extensive experience as an international distributor, we can offer professional battery maintenance services throughout the entire European market. Our engineers can advise you on any battery-related issues and we also supplies battery maintenance equipment for on-site testing and evaluation.

The importance of dedicated battery maintenance

Without regular battery maintenance, the performance of your emergency power infrastructure cannot be guaranteed effectively. Issues can accumulate unseen within your UPS systems, leading to incremental decreases in performance or sudden catastrophic failures. When an emergency power system fails under load, important data can be damaged or lost. In some applications, improper battery maintenance may even have a negative impact on the security or safety of your work environment.

Dedicated UPS battery maintenance is the only way to mitigate the risk of damage or injury related to power failures. As such, Intercel Europe recommends that you ensure that your emergency power systems are monitored regularly.

Professional battery maintenance solutions

Are you unsure whether your emergency power systems can provide reliable backup power in the event of a grid failure? Do you have questions about your battery maintenance, or have you run into issues that require expert assistance? Intercel can help. Our engineers provide a wide range of battery maintenance services, from direct repairs and replacements to on-site consulting and advice. In addition, Intercel also supplies battery testers that can be used to periodically check the status of your systems. In order to guarantee optimal battery life span, regular maintenance of stationary battery systems is essential. Intercel’s technical specialists can offer advice on battery care and handle the maintenance of your valuable battery and DC power systems. As part of our service we perform conductance tests using the Midtronics battery tester, the most reliable measuring device for these tests, thereby guaranteeing that the end result is 100% reliable. Besides conductance tests, Intercel also performs discharge tests on request using DC load resistors.

DC Loadbank battery testing

We also have a DC load bank at our disposal. This DC load bank discharges the batteries in a simulated emergency situation, providing the most reliable test results. Any desired test can be carried out on-site. Rest assured: whatever we test or maintain, our activities aim to conform with your organization’s ideal standard of maintenance. Furthermore, you will always receive a clear and concise maintenance report accompanied by our objective suggestions.

Would you like to know more about our battery products and services? Feel free to browse our website or contact our team. Intercel Europe is always happy to help you find the battery solution you need.

Replacement of batteries for emergency power systems

After a certain period of time, the batteries in your existing emergency power system will need to be replaced. When it comes to battery replacement, Intercel’s philosophy is that any replacement should result in a system that requires less maintenance than before while still meeting any demands users may place on it. As a result, we are always searching for new innovative solutions to offer you the ideal battery system. Since November 2010 Intercel is able to offer the Cellpower CPW battery series. The UPS batteries in this series are manufactured according to strict industry guidelines, using the best production technology on the market to offer maximum that are a lifespan. This is achieved using computer models, fully automated production and exhaustive analysis of raw materials and design. When compared to other batteries of the same size, Cellpower high current and long life batteries have a higher energy density, which is expressed in a vastly increased amount of Watts available per cell.

Warranty on UPS system batteries

Our AGM batteries come with a standard three year factory warranty which can, under certain conditions, be increased to a full five-year warranty. By offering these unique warranty conditions, Cellpower sets itself apart from other manufacturers. This is precisely why the Cellpower CPW High Rate series is the preferred choice for many manufacturers that produce UPS and emergency power systems.

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