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UPS emergency power battery installation

The battery is the heart of any UPS emergency power system. After all, it’s the battery that provides the energy that allows your systems to keep running during power outages. Intercel specialises in UPS emergency power batteries. Our specialists gladly develop a battery system for your UPS, calculate the required capacity or find a replacement battery type. And once we have helped you find the right battery solution, we expertly install it in your emergency power system. Read on to discover the possibilities.

UPS battery installation

Intercel provides a complete battery system that can be connected directly to your UPS. In cooperation with the UPS supplier, Intercel provides the right emergency power solution. There is a wide variety of UPS systems on the market. Intercel has experience with all systems and provides suitable battery solutions for every application. We supply, for instance, batteries for systems with internal batteries, but also for systems with external batteries. For external battery systems, we also supply and install battery cabinets and battery covers. Of course, our mechanics extensively check and test the UPS system after installation.

Buy a UPS battery pack

Before you can install a UPS battery, it is crucial to find the right UPS battery. We gladly assist you with this. We can advise you on the right type of battery, the required power and the best capacity. In most cases, we recommend High Rate AGM batteries. These batteries meet the highest quality standards and are capable of delivering high peak capacities. In addition, these batteries have a closed construction, which ensures a long service life and low maintenance. Sometimes, however, VRLA batteries or lithium-ion batteries are a better choice for your system. Contact us to find the best solution for your situation.

UPS battery lifespan

The life of a UPS battery depends on the type of battery and the environment in which they operate. Among other things, batteries react to room temperature. The UPS batteries we supply generally have a service life of 10 to 12 years. In any case, it is important to keep a close eye on the lifespan (or have it monitored). Replacing your UPS battery in time ensures that the system keeps working properly.

UPS emergency power maintenance

There are two ways to keep track of the life of a UPS battery. The first is UPS battery maintenance. When you choose this solution, our technicians check the state of the battery and the operation of the system annually. The second solution is installing a UPS monitoring system on the battery system. This system checks the status of the battery continuously. This prevents problems and tells you when it’s time to replace the batteries. Intercel happily helps you to install and integrate a monitoring system.

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